GoGlobal Mission Rwanda & Uganda Newsflash – new date

As we were preparing to send you the exciting final program of our GoGlobal Tech mission of March 24-28, we received an important travel notice from both Rwanda and Uganda governments with regards to the current Corona-virus crisis. They are encouraging travelers from Belgium and other European countries to postpone their trips, to prevent importation of the disease in their countries. We have just learned that Belgium is now considered a Categorie 1 country for Uganda, which means that every visitor from Belgium will be put in quarantine for 2 weeks upon landing in Entebbe. We expect Rwanda to follow very soon now.

Startups.be, Close the Gap, and Agoria have therefore decided to postpone the mission to Rwanda/Uganda to Q4 2020, November 16-21.

Participants who have booked their flights through Alk Reizen are allowed to rebook the flights to another date, but this needs to be done before the travel date of March 23 and the new date should not exceed December 31st 2020. Rebooking of the tickets to the new dates in Q4 is free of charge, except if there is a price difference with the original journey ticket. In that case, it is expected that you cover this difference in price yourself.

Please note that a simple refund is unfortunately not possible, given the ticket category that was chosen is typically non-refundable. 

We very much encourage you to rebook your flights to the new date November 16-21 and to join us on this inspiring mission. We will maintain the program as much as possible and will communicate changes (both budgetary and in program) well in advance. For now, you can assume that no additional fees will be charged by the organizers.

Please reflect on this proposal and send an email to us and Alk Reizen (Elke@alkreizen.be) by March 18, 2020 at the latest to indicate to what extent you’d like to rebook your flights. Participants who consider canceling for the mission that will now take place from November 16 to 21 will learn about the financial implications by Friday March 13th at the latest.

We can’t express how sorry we are of this situation that is fully beyond our control.  We hope that in a few months’ time this worldwide situation will have recovered. In the meantime, we thank you very much for your understanding and we hope to welcome you in Rwanda and Uganda later this year.

Frederik Tibau (Agoria), Catherine Van Eeckhaute (Startups.be) and Olivier vanden Eynde / Marnick Vanlee (Close the Gap)